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BalCCon - Balkan Computer Congress [28.Mar.2013]
First ever Balkan security conference is to be held in Novi Sad in September! It's organized by LUGoNS folks and will gather hackers from all over the Balkan and the world. More info and CFP. See you there!
New domain! [25.Feb.2013]
Wow, been more than two years of inactivity on this page. Do know that we are alive and working on some interesting stuff, just not showing it all.

Also since today, we can be found http://неустрашиви.срб at  too! 
Updates [22.Jan.2011]
Well, obviously nothing happened with the new issue of our zine :). In other news, h4z4rd did a presentation at 27C3 and berlinsides . He released optimice at google  code. Deroko has released some new codes too. Check his page. And I'm (ea) doing some stuff with serbian national ID. Check the open source lib here. I've also released slides and videos from a recent lecture of mine, introduction to network attacks.
New issue soon [13.Nov.2010]
We are setting the deadline for next issue of Phearless zine for first of december. 
smpCTF [03.Jul.2010]
smpCTF is next weekend. gn00bz will play, but without zaphod and me, so we are weaken. EXIT fest is in town next week and I\\\'m off for some crazy time. 
DEFCON CTF official scores [09.Jun.2010]
We actually finished 43rd.
crypto 400 write-up [25.May.2010]
c0de wrote a nice write-up about solving the crypto 400 challenge on DEFCON 2010 CTF Quals.
DEFCON 2010 CTF QUALS [25.May.2010]
Woooooooo! That was crazy!!! 55 hours of non-stop hacking! Some of those challenges had me banging my head,  some were interesting but turned out simple (I'm looking at you bin300). Anyway, we, t3h gn00bz, learned a lot! We finished 58. If i see a sheep in ten years it would be too soon! Fucking good game DDTEK, congrats to other teams, see you next year!
CIT CTF [16.May.2010]
In the past 24 hours team gn00bz was playing CIT CTF. It was a fun game with many interesting and frustrating challenges. We scored as 4th. Congrats to winners. It was emotional. :)
CFP [19.Mar.2010]
We need to speed things up. I'm planing a new release soon. If anybody is working on something interesting, let me know. Hereis the mail address.

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