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UCSB International Capture The Flag Update [05.Dec.2009]
Team gn00bz took a pretty good 7th place out of 51!!! Congrats!!! Wish I could have been there, but I did what I could to help. -- ea
The UCSB iCTF [01.Dec.2009]
The UCSB International Capture The Flag (also known as the iCTF) is a distributed, wide-area security exercise, whose goal is to test the security skills of the participants.
h4z4rd has gathered a team and they are to show their mad skillz at Friday. They are under Croatian flag as a team gn00bz . Best of luck!
eMail [21.Nov.2009]
Don`t bother Shatterhand with your questions, answers, suggestions, whatever any more! Write to this address.
Back again !!! [19.Oct.2009]
And we are back, finally!  We got  an even newer server now. Still setting the things up, but soon everything should be back up. Cheers , ea
Holidays, 25c3 , CFP ... [27.Dec.2008]
First of all, happy holidays everyone! Do not edit your programs while drunk! Been there, done that, no good. 25c3 is around these days. h4z4rd is there, and I expect some pictures/materials from him, have a good time! And for the rest of us mortals, CFP is open as always so get your keyboards and write something!  
Google Native Client [09.Dec.2008]
Google has just released it's Native Client. It allows native execution of x86 code through web browsers allowing for more complex/faster web applications. This sounds great , but how secure is it? Time will tell... Check it out.

Lulz-disclosure [01.Jul.2008]
Lance M Havok sent this. Go read it. It has some good points. All this should be for fun! And the worlds first animated exploit. Theo stuff never gets old. Have fun people, forget whitehats/blackhats stuff, lulzhats.
Matematiranje [22.Jun.2008]
A friend of mine made a website for help in mathematics. It intended mainly for high school math pupils and on university entry exams. Covers various fields from basic to advanced. Go check it out if you need any help in math, the texts are very simle and easy to understand. The link is . 
Old stuff [15.Apr.2008]
I have started gathering old texts writen by authors from Ex Yu area. Some of those were really good back then, and today you can`t find them anywhere. Phearless is probably the best place to archive them and save them from being forgotten. Anyway, in case you are interested, If you got any articles that you think should  be here, send them to
24C3 [04.Jan.2008]
Well, 24C3 videos are online for download. Many interesting stuff, h4z4rd recommended change_me video. It`s about DNA hacking, bioengeneering and stuff, really impressive.

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